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The Foundation is the recognized resource on nonprofits and philanthropy in Albuquerque. As the “go-to” place to learn about nonprofit organizations, charitable giving and community issues, we track industry trends, host convenings and disseminate information and grants to the community.

Here is when the Albuquerque Community Foundation is the best choice for you!

1. You don’t want the expense or paperwork of a private foundation.

In most cases, setting up a fund with us will give you similar giving opportunities plus a larger tax break. You can start a fund instantly, will a small set-up fees and will be free of administrative details. 

2. You want to leave a legacy that will last. We manage, publicize and honor over 400 separate named funds. The names and the goals of those funds live forever.

3. You want your legacy to help future generations.
We will always be here making our community an even better place for your children and grandchildren to live. We won’t ever leave, go out of business or retire.

4. You want ongoing advice about community needs.
We are a large grantmaker and scholarship provider in New Mexico. We know the region, its issues and its nonprofits and can help you be a part of solving community challenges.

5. You have a complicated financial transaction. 
For example, the sale of a privately-owned business or an inheritance that could impact your tax status.  As a public charity, we can receive your gifts now while allowing you time to plan for your charitable distribution.

6. You want to give to a cause, not a specific charity.
Sometimes you know the issue you care about – children’s literacy, hunger and homelessness, animal welfare or the arts – but you don’t want to give to a specific organization. We can find initiatives and organizations in your chosen discipline and support them in your name.

7. You want to support multiple nonprofits with one gift.
It may be important to you to support a special charity that has helped your family, your congregation and a favorite arts organization. With one gift you can arrange to provide these organizations an annual grant in your name forever.  You can also create an open-ended fund that lets us meet future community needs may not even exist today.

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