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Corporate Giving

Corporate Philanthropy

The declining capacity of government has increased the necessity for private sector philanthropy in recent years. Corporate citizenship has long been a staple in the business plan of many large corporations.  Today, the generosity of smaller, local business is defining the success of many nonprofit organizations and having significant impact on their ability to fulfill the needs of clients.  

Charities look to local business for donations to support operating expense, to provide program funding, facilities upkeep and/or expansion, to sponsor fundraising events through cash or in-kind contributions.  Even the smallest of businesses can support their favorite nonprofit organizations through donations of items and services for silent and live auctions that can significantly increase the net proceeds. 

In addition, owners, managers and employees of these same companies also support the local nonprofit community through their personal philanthropy.  These are the generous folks writing personal checks to support the causes they care about, buying the special event tickets, auction and raffle items and participating in the run and walk-a-thons.  

Successful companies know that philanthropy is good for business. Reports indicate that customers prefer to do business with philanthropic companies and the best people prefer to work for the same. 

However your company elects to conduct it’s philanthropy–laser-light focused in one specific area, or more general appealing to broad interests of owners and employees, cash, in-kind, operating or program, JUST DO IT.  (Nike, one of our country’s most successful companies and a philanthropic leaders coined that!) 

The collective impact will make a difference. 

Gaining a higher return on your company’s charitable investments.  A Community Foundation is a cost-effective mechanism for matching local community needs to the charitable goals and interests of individuals, families and businesses.  

The Foundation serves a wide range of community needs including Arts & Culture, Economic & Workforce Development, Education, Environmental & Historic Preservation, Health and Human Services.     

2020 Corporate Partners

Champion – $25,000

Community Builders – $15,000

Ambassador – $10,000

Benefactor- $5,000

Partner – $2,500

Studies show that a company’s commitment to community service is a key differentiator in the mind of customer.

  • Among shareholders who rated a company’s philanthropy favorably, 78% say they will continue to invest in the company.  Source: National Philanthropy Benchmark Study, Council on Foundations & Walker Information   .
  • Employees whose companies support social issues are 40% more likely to say they are proud of their company’s values and nearly 25% more likely to be loyal to their employers than those whose companies do not have such programs.  Source: Cone Corporate Citizenship Study, The Role of Cause Branding.
  • More than 7 out of 10 Americans (75%) say a company’s commitment to causes is important when they decide which products and services to recommend to others.  Source: Cone Corporate Citizenship Study, the Role of Cause Branding.

Sponsoring feels good and makes good business sense too.  Studies show consumers are more likely to support organizations that are involved in the local community.

Today’s buyer wants to do business with companies that help make the communities in which they operate better places to live and raise families. Supporting the Albuquerque Community Foundation sends a visible message to your current and prospective employees and customers that you care about your community and want to help make a difference.

There are many benefits of corporate giving. By partnering with us your business can:

  • Cultivate positive name recognition in the greater Albuquerque area
  • Enhance your reputation and goodwill in the community
  • Support local initiatives that strengthen our community now and for the future
  • Inspire a corporate culture of community involvement, civic leadership and volunteerism in your company
  • Expose your employees to new ideas and important community issues
  • Build trust with community leaders, elected officials, beneficiaries, and other stakeholders

“Bank of the West supports the Albuquerque Community Foundation  because of the many programs and organizations they support that enhance education, community betterment, arts and culture, health and human services, youth development, recreation and the environment in the growing Albuquerque community.” – George Stanfield, Retired Executive Banker, Bank of the West 

“At Bank of Albuquerque, serving our community is more than a commitment, it’s our culture. For that reason, we believe in giving back every day and in many different ways.  We are pleased to support the important work of the Community Foundation and its effort to provide funding to nonprofit organizations in our community who provide critical services to those with the greatest need.” – Jennifer Thomas, Chairman,Bank of Albuquerque

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