Community Impact

The mission of the Foundation is to provide for our community, forever. We make an impact on the lives of those around us by supporting nonprofits providing direct services to those who need it most.

Philanthropy is one way businesses, nonprofits, government and individuals in any community find common ground. We all agree – prosperity, education and health are the keys to our communityʼs future well-being.

Our theme this year, common ground, refers both to the place we all stand, Albuquerque, and the mutual goal we all have – a more vibrant, economically prosperous community. Whatever our differences are – race, religion, education, ambition or path – we all want the same thing – To thrive. To live with dignity and empowerment. To help others reach their goals.

The Albuquerque Community Foundation brings together people from all areas of our community to stand on common ground: the nonprofits who are the heart of our community and make a measurable difference; generous donors who allow the Foundation to support and strengthen these organizations’ services; Foundation staff who monitor and share the communityʼs needs and accomplishments; the Foundationʼs Board of Trustees with their common commitment, despite their different backgrounds, to build a stronger community; and corporate and governmental partners who stand with us on common ground to bring about long-term change.

In our highly divided times, bringing people together is more important than ever to break through the obstacles that prevent our community from thriving.

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