Future Fund

In 1997, the Future Fund started when 24 people decided to get together and pool their money to start an endowment. They began by contributing $200 a year. Since then FF has grown to over 200 memberships and the endowment has over $500,000. This group of young leaders is committed to making our community a better place to live.

The Future Fund’s mission: “Acquaint younger members of the community with responsive philanthropy, develop community awareness and nurture future leadership.

Back in 1997, the Board of Trustees of the Foundation wanted to find a way to attract younger donors who were interested in learning about the Power of Endowment Giving.  They came up with the idea of a giving circle that would invite those 40 and under to make annual contributions that would be pooled for maximum endowment growth and grant making.

The group started with 24 people being invited to dinner party to explore the idea.  Every one of those twelve agreed to contribute $200 annually and to promote the idea with their friends. Fortunately, the Foundation’s generous Board of Trustees supported the new initiative with funds for immediate grant making and social activities.

Soon after, the first membership party was held and over 100 young people attended!  Over the years Future Fund membership and endowment have grown.  Today the Endowment Fund has topped over $589,000 and over $312,000 in grants have been awarded to nonprofit organizations selected by the Future Fund membership.

Click here to see the grants given by year. The Future Fund continues to grow engaging thoughtful, generous, community minded members every year.

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