Social Giving Club

The Social Giving Club is an opportunity to join with friends, enjoy social time and make significant impact on the lives of others who need a lift.

In its inaugural year, the Social Giving Club granted out $25,000 to Cultivating Coders, an Albuquerque-based coding bootcamp that brings tech skills to rural, tribal and other low-income communities.

The Social Giving Club is a new opportunity in philanthropy. When you join, you will make a bigger difference because of the collective impact you achieve when you combine your generosity with that of your friends. Interested in more information about the Club, call Denise Nava at 505.883.6240 or email at

Meet the Members of the Social Giving Club:

  • Anna and Gabe  Sanchez
  • Art and Patricia Priebe
  • Carol Jakowatz
  • Carol Maddux
  • Charlotte and Stuart Schoenmann
  • Cris and Kenneth Abbott
  • David Zeuch and Nena Joy Almodovar
  • Debbie and David Dozier
  • Debbie and Irwin Harms
  • Drs. Joseph Gorvetzian and Nancy Croker
  • Glenn Fellows and Patricia Hancock
  • Jane Jones
  • Jessica and Kat Wright
  • Judy Bearden Love
  • Julie Silverman
  • Karen and Chris Bard
  • Kathleen and Will Raskob
  • Kyle Fiore and Richard Lamport
  • Laurie and Rogan Thompson
  • Leslie Neal
  • Lynn Johnson and Fritz Eberle
  • Maureen and Steve Martinick
  • Michael Dexter
  • Nina Forrest
  • Pam Hurd-Knief and Ron Knief
  • Peggy and Jeff Roberts
  • Rohini Arter
  • Sanjay Engineer
  • Suzanne Strong and Marc Gillihan

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