James Ledwith Memorial Scholarship

2021 Recipient: Ryan Sanchez

For Hope, Faith and Courage to Pursue Dreams in the Face of Adversity

The James Ledwith Memorial Scholarship Fund was established within Albuquerque Community Foundation by family and friends in 2011. This scholarship program will annually award one or more scholarships up to $2,000 to high school graduates from Albuquerque who continue to pursue a “life dream” a professional or educational goal in spite of facing extraordinary life challenges.

The recipient will be a graduating high school senior from the Albuquerque Metro Area (Bernalillo, Valencia, Torrance & Sandoval Counties) who has overcome their personal adversity and demonstrates:

  • Hope, faith and courage
  • Thoughtfulness and service to others
  • Living life, pursing dreams and enabling one’s self

The scholarship is to be used for post-secondary education at an accredited nonprofit or public educational institution in pursuit of a “life dream” and/or professional goal. The school may be a two- or four-year college or university and the student must attend full time.  The applicant needs to demonstrate that he/she is capable of succeeding in that educational pursuit and that this scholarship will help them in this endeavor.

One award up to $2,000 will be given annually.

After the Foundation’s committee has met to review applications, recipients will be notified by mail and will be listed on this web page.  The recipient’s high school will also be notified of the selection for inclusion in the Senior Honors Assembly. 

Additional REQUIRED Criteria/Attachments:

Official Letters of Reference (the reference form is not allowed) – the letters of reference should explain how the applicant meets the criteria and intent of this program – to award a student who has faced and overcome an extraordinary “life challenge” during their high school years:

  • One letter of reference must be from a member of his/her high school staff or faculty – a teacher, administrator or activity sponsor – This MUST explain how the applicant has faced an extraordinary “life challenge” during their high school years 
  • The second letter of reference may be from someone whose life has been positively affected by the applicant such as a community or activity sponsor, employer, minister, teacher, etc. This letter MUST explain how the applicant has faced an extraordinary “life challenge” during their high school years and how their example has impacted the person writing the letter.

A personal essay describing your dreams, goals, challenges and life choices.  Tell us about the challenge or adversity you have had to face, why you should be considered for this scholarship and how it will help you pursue your dreams and goals.

NOTE: Only complete applications with a transcript, personal essay and 2 letters of recommendation will be considered.


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