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Partners in Philanthropy

The Foundation relies on our donors to support the day-to-day general operations of the Foundation. By contributing to our annual giving fund, our staff can:

  • Establish new endowments;
  • Administer current funds & programs;
  • Manage a grant review program to benefit local nonprofit organizations;
  • Participate in public-private partnership moving more members of our community from poverty to prosperity;
  • Collaborate with nonprofit organizations & other funders to develop impactful programming & positive outcomes for the greater Albuquerque area.

As a donor to the Partners in Philanthropy program, you contribute to our daily work and create and support our mission. These gifts allow the Foundation to strengthen services for donors and nonprofit organizations in our community and allow us to undertake leadership initiatives that improve the quality of life in the greater Albuquerque area—today, tomorrow and forever. Those who contribute $500 and above will receive invitations to Foundation events. 

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