Tapestry: A City Woven Together

The International District and the Innovation District

The purpose of the Foundation’s Tapestry program is to bolster economic and social prosperity, while building bridges between geographic communities, diverse populations and burgeoning local industries. Our 2019 Tapestries focus on the International District and the Innovation District.

  1. The goal of the International District’s Tapestry is to work with community leaders to identify the district’s long and short-terms needs, remove historical funding barriers and leverage multiple partnerships and resources (financial, in-kind and volunteer) to support Albuquerque’s immigrant and refugee populations. To mitigate funding barriers, Tapestry grants made in the International District will often lack a formal application process and will span all fields of funding including: education, homelessness, human services, health, economic development/entrepreneurship, environmental preservation and the arts.
  1. The Innovation District Tapestry will focus on creating equitable and deliberate employment pathways, educational opportunities, leadership roles and networking opportunities for nontraditional entrepreneurs, including immigrants, refugees, Native Americans, women, veterans, people of color and low-income entrepreneurs. Rooted in Albuquerque’s newly developed Innovation District, this Tapestry will ensure historically marginalized communities can benefit from local industry growth, including increasing outreach to under-represented populations, offering affordable skills-based education and providing access to low-interest business loans and capital.

Both Tapestry programs will meet immediate needs in their respective communities throughout 2019. However, our overarching and long-term goal is to work with organizations and partners in each community so there are opportunities for residents in the International District (and other under-represented areas) to leverage the Innovation District’s services and strengthen Albuquerque’s diverse and multi-layered local workforce.

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