Susie Kubié Symphonic Music Scholarship

2021 Recipient: Analise Granados

Established in 2017, Susie Kubié Symphonic Music Scholarship provides scholarships to deserving young students who have participated in the Albuquerque Youth Symphony Program (AYSP) and intend to pursue a degree in music during college.

As a resident to Albuquerque for 66 years, Susie  worked as a special education teacher at Rio Grande High School, and then as a counselor at Harrison Middle School for five years and at Jefferson Middle School for 25 years. She was deeply touched by the lives of her many students and made a significant, lasting impression on the countless children who passed through her schools during her tenure.

This scholarship is ONLY for past or current participants of the Albuquerque Youth Symphony Program (AYSP).


You MUST fill out the 2021 Interest Form in order to be eligible.


Email completed form to Denise Nava, Scholarship Manager by Monday, March 15, 2021.

One new and/or renewing scholarship, up to $4,000 will be awarded annually. The scholarship can be renewable for up to four years, providing the recipient be working toward a career in music and continue to meet the criteria. This decision will be made on a yearly basis. Awards may be used for academic costs, i.e., tuition, fees, books or housing.

Guidelines and Criteria:

Applicant must be

  • A participant in the Albuquerque Youth Symphony Program (AYSP)
  • A high school graduate from the Albuquerque metro area
  • Pursuing a degree in music, i.e., music education, music theory, music composition, music performance, music history
  • Must attend a 4-year educational institution, full-time

Required Information and Attachments:

Applicant must submit the following with his or her application

  • A personal essay, demonstrating a strong interest in pursuing education and a career in music
  • A letter of reference from a music teacher or mentor who has supported your musical studies
  • A letter of nomination/support from Albuquerque Youth Symphony Program (AYSP)
  • A video submission of a live performance or live recording of composed music (max. 5 minutes)


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