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Designated Beneficiary Fund

Helping local organizations sustain and grow.

Do you already have a specific nonprofit organization that you support? A Designated Beneficiary Fund can ensure the support of that organization permanently. Distributions from your fund can be made directly to the organization or to their endowment fund.

Should a designated beneficiary cease to exist or change its mission, the Foundation will redirect the fund to carry out your original charitable intent.

You may also designate the Foundation’s General Administrative Endowment Fund to support the work of the Foundation.

Why should you establish a Designated Beneficiary Fund?

  • It provides long-term support for your favorite nonprofit
  • The Foundation will send the distribution in your name to your specified nonprofit
  • A one-time donation to an organization will most likely be absorbed into their budget that year, whereas a Designated Beneficiary Fund will make a donation every year, forever

A Designated Beneficiary Fund may be established with a minimum $10,000 contribution that can be grown over 3 years. Once you meet the minimum contribution, you can continue to add any amount to the fund at anytime, receiving tax benefits with each new gift.

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