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Philanthropy Central Benefits and Nonprofit Endowment Partnership

The Foundation is pleased to partner with local nonprofit organizations that have entrusted the management of their endowment fund to us:

Benefits of the program:

  • Administrative Support
    The Foundation provides all administrative support related to organizations’ endowment funds, including providing fund performance reports. 
  • Major and Planned Gift Expertise
    Foundation staff and consultants, who are experienced in major and planned giving, are available to the organization to help facilitate complex gifts to your endowment fund with the Foundation, including but not necessarily limited to: real estate, life insurance, and gifts in trust to the organization endowment fund.
  • Visibility
    All funds administered by the Foundation are listed in the annual report and linked to the Foundation’s website. In addition, your organization may also be featured in the Foundation’s newsletter and other publications, thus increasing exposure to donors and the community at large.
  •  Prudent Investment Management
    The Foundation manages a growing list of organization endowment funds. The Foundation has a detailed investment policy to produce long-term growth of the funds administered, and the Foundation’s Investment Committee monitors fund performance. Economies of scale result in opportunities for more favorable returns and more reasonable management fees.
  •  Stability and Responsibility
    A fund with the Foundation shows donors that the endowing organization is serious about long-term financial security, and the fund’s permanence is ensured.  

          For more information, please contact Marisa Magallanez, 505.883.6240.

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