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Great Grant Giveaway

Each year several nonprofits are selected to present their good work to a room filled with 700 people.  A check for $500 sits on every table ready to be awarded to one of the nonprofits. Generous corporate donors wait in the wings to add even bigger contributions once the Great Grant Giveaway is underway. And, at the end of the process, $100,000 or more is in the hands of the nonprofits to support the causes they represent. The format of the event encourages everyone to participate. The audience is presented a short video by each of the nonprofit organizations.  Once finished, guests at each table deliberate until they reach a consensus on which nonprofit to award the check.

For sponsorship information, contact Marisa Magallanez at

Selecting Organizations

Grant proposals are not accepted for Great Grant Giveaway recipients.  Recipients are selected by Foundation staff.  Through the course of our annual work, we receive nearly 100 Letters of Intent and Grant Proposals.  In addition to being screened for potential Competitive and Donor-Advised Grants, all are reviewed through the lens of potential Great Grant Giveaway participants.  Additionally, all Foundation staff are extremely active in the community participating almost daily in convening’s, events and other activities sponsored by local nonprofits.   We are continually monitoring this work for consideration in our annual event.

Eventually, all organizations are considered as we piece together the puzzle that becomes the Great Grant Giveaway, most importantly reaching all of the fields-of-interest, population segments and priorities of the Foundation and its donors.

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