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Great Grant Giveaway

After thoughtful consideration, exploring other options and recognizing virtual fatigue has set in and does not allow for meaningful interaction with one another, we have decided to postpone our in person Great Grant Giveaway until May of 2022.

The Foundation remains firmly committed to our mission and continued support of nonprofits and community-at-large. We are grateful for your continued generous support of the work being accomplished.

In the spirit of giving and fun for all who give during our largest event of the year, we will honor the giving of Great Grant Giveaway by awarding grants to four local nonprofits. 

Although we will miss seeing you in person, we hope that you will join us in giving to these four amazing organizations. Videos explaining their impactful work can be found here!

We invite you to join us on Facebook and Instagram from October 18-22 to watch as we promote our nonprofit partners and share progress on grantmaking. We also welcome your support of these organizations! You can support this year’s Great Grant Giveaway recipients in several ways. Follow us on social media or join our email list at to and out how you can participate!

Selecting Organizations

Grant proposals are not accepted for Great Grant Giveaway recipients.  Recipients are selected by Foundation staff.  Through the course of our annual work, we receive nearly 100 Letters of Intent and Grant Proposals.  In addition to being screened for potential Competitive and Donor-Advised Grants, all are reviewed through the lens of potential Great Grant Giveaway participants.  Additionally, all Foundation staff are extremely active in the community participating almost daily in convening’s, events and other activities sponsored by local nonprofits.   We are continually monitoring this work for consideration in our annual event.

Eventually, all organizations are considered as we piece together the puzzle that becomes the Great Grant Giveaway, most importantly reaching all of the fields-of-interest, population segments and priorities of the Foundation and its donors.

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