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Competitive Grant Program

Each year the Albuquerque Community Foundation facilitates a competitive grant process for organizations providing services benefiting people in the Greater Albuquerque Metropolitan. The Foundation’s Competitive Grant Program is comprised of 71 endowment funds. In order to respond to the community’s needs, distributions from the funds are pooled and aligned directly with the Foundation’s fields-of-interest. 

Common Grant Theme: Access to Economic Opportunities

The Foundation believes our ongoing work in grantmaking, asset development, and community leadership must be aimed at addressing systemic inequities rather than treating their symptoms repeatedly.

As a result, in 2016, the Foundation identified a common theme throughout all fields-of-interest in the Competitive Grant Program. The theme, providing access to economic opportunities, is the result of 12 months of research, community convenings and open communication with donors and nonprofit partners. Like any major city, Albuquerque faces many complex issues. The root cause of many of these issues is the lack of economic opportunities. By integrating this theme into our grantmaking, the Foundation aims to move the needle towards prosperity for more Albuquerque residents.    

What does this mean?

Access to economic opportunities could apply (but is not limited) to the following areas:

  • Providing and supporting economic opportunities for individuals living in the four-county Greater Albuquerque Metropolitan Area.This may include life-skills and career development programs; educational opportunities; and/or social services programs that create opportunities for underserved community members.
  • Providing and supporting opportunities that will bolster the economic growth of Albuquerque. This may include strengthening access to art and culture; increasing workforce development and job creation to bolster economic growth; and/or ensuring Albuquerque’s proximity to the natural environment remains a preserved, protected and valued aspect of the city.     

This two-pronged approach to providing access to economic opportunities holistically addresses economic inequities and supports our city’s collective economic growth and development.

Application Overview:

In this section you will find information to help you decide if we are the appropriate source to consider for funding your program. Organizations seeking grants from the Competitive Grant Program should consider the alignment between their mission and activities and the Foundation’s guidelines.

Unfortunately, we receive far more grant proposals than we can fund. Through collaborations with Donor Advised Funds and  Giving Circles we estimate having about $350,000 available in 2021 to fund the proposals received through the Competitive Grant Program. By submitting a proposal to the Competitive Grant Program, you give the Foundation permission to share it with other interested funders (comprised of individuals and foundations),  and on various lists of applicant organizations on the Foundation’s website and other media.

  • We aim to fund 50% of the grant requests received
    • The average grant from the Competitive Grant Program in 2020 was $10,000
    • Nonprofit organizations are invited to submit funding requests once each calendar year
    • 2020 grantees must be current with all grant reporting requirements to be considered in 2021

Proposals will not be considered from applicants who are not in compliance with all state and federal regulations. The Foundation will review all documents submitted, as well as every applicant’s report from:

Proposals will be reviewed by the Foundation Board of Trustee members with assistance from volunteers broadly representing the community. Committee members use their expertise and knowledge of the community to contribute to the overall assessment of each proposal based on the degree to which it fits the overall guidelines and priorities. The review committees make recommendations for funding to the Foundation’s Board of Trustees who have the responsibility to approve final grant decisions.

If you have any questions, please reach out to the Community Impact team, Khia Griffis and Vanessa Gonzalez,

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