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3rd Annual New Mexico Estate Planning Conference

Save the Date: Friday, February 22, 2021


A one-day seminar to provide a multitude of perspectives  in the estate planning industry. Designed specifically for attorneys, bankers, investment advisors, estate planning and tax practitioners and financial planners. Continuing Education Credits Pending.

Topics include:

  • Charitable Planning
  • Taxation of Trusts in 2021
  •  Special Needs & Divorce
Continuing Education Credits Available:
CLE, CE, CPA and Insurance

Meet 2021 Guest Speakers

Bridget Mullins, Associate
Pregenzer, Baysinger, Wideman & Sale, PC
The Messy Intersection Between Guardianship & Divorce

Guardianship cases involving divorce are increasingly common in the face of “the gray tsunami.” This creates interesting and complicated challenges for all types of practitioners and family members.

Nell Graham Sale, Of Counsel
Pregenzer, Baysinger, Wideman & Sale, PC
Taxation of Trusts in 2021
This is a tutorial on how income taxation of trusts works.  As a result of the SECURE Act of 2019, however, there are income tax consequences for beneficiaries of retirement plans that may have drastic results.  The presentation uses a case study to examine the ways that trusts can be used to reduce the consequences of the SECURE Act, and how the income taxation of trusts can affect those options.
Kenneth C. Leach, Attorney
Kenneth C. Leach & Associates
Charitable Planning: More Important Now than Ever!

Integrating charitable planning into the estate planning for clients is more important than ever.  This course will focus on charitable planning techniques from the simple such as the type of assets that make the most sense to donate to charities to the more complex techniques such as charitable annuities, charitable remainder trusts and charitable lead trusts and the factors and types of situations that these techniques may make sense for clients.

Gregory Mackenzie, Attorney
Hurley, Toevs, Styles, Hamblin & Panter, PA
Litigation of Estate Contests

This course will explore the complications and expertise behind the litigation of contested estates.  Mr. Greg Mackenzie will share tips and insights from his decorated career and speak about the current landscape of estate law.

William D. Slease, Director
Professional Practice Program of the State Bar of New Mexico
Conflicts, Capacity, Coercion, Oh My! Ethical Issues in Estate Planning

While most estate planning is relatively straightforward, the competent planner must always stay cognizant of the ethical issues that can arise when an estate planning client wants to include other family members in the planning session, shows signs of incapacity, seems to be unduly influenced by a well-meaning, or not-so well-meaning relative, or simply refuses to listen to sound planning advice.  This session will discuss how the estate planner navigates these sometimes trickier ethical waters.

Estate Planning Conference Panel

Beyond HEMS…A Trust Officer’s Guide to Discretionary Distributions

This program will be a panel discussion among three prominent trust officers serving the local legal community. The discretionary distribution standard is a provision in a trust that instructs the trustee to distribute a portion of the trust estate to one or more of the beneficiaries. Trustees often face difficult decisions when exercising discretion of distributions to beneficiaries. 

This panel will discuss the thought and administration process behind those discretion decisions. In addition, the panel will provide thoughts and guidance about additional language to consider when drafting the trust which will provide valuable guidance to the Trustee in meeting the intent of the Grantor. 

Panel Facilitator:

Loral Welde, Retired Trust Officer, Bank of Albuquerque

Meet the Panelists

John Attwood,Vice President & Trust Officer


First American Bank
Anna Grace,Vice President &
Senior Wealth Advisor


New Mexico Bank & Trust
Skyler Wildenstein-pic
Skyler Wildenstein, President


Empire Trust

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