Financial Information

Our donors place their trust in us because of our ability to invest their resources prudently and to allocate a percentage of the income produced in accordance with their charitable wishes.

The responsibility for managing the Foundation’s investment portfolio is the purview of the Board of Trustees’ Finance and Investment Committees. The committees work closely with the Foundation’s investment firm to set policy, establish performance benchmarks, and monitor the status of the Foundation’s portfolio. The Committee maintains a disciplined approach, regardless of market fluctuations, to ensure the viability of the Foundation, now and in the future.

Please read our Investment Policy and Performance

Legal Documents

IRS Determination Letter of 501(c)(3) status

Attorney General of New Mexico’s Compliance Letter

Audited Financial Statements

FYE 12/31/20

FYE 12/31/19

FYE 12/31/18

FYE 12/31/17





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